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Bathroom Styles and Colours

When choosing the design of your new bathroom there are so many colours and styles to pick from. Here a few links to get you inspired:

  • Caroma
  • Homelife
  • Reece

An easy way to get started is to select which style of bathroom you prefer.

Modern/contemporary bathroom

Modern/contemporary bathrooms have clean sharp lines, frameless glass shower screens with stainless steel fixtures and fittings.

Traditional/classic bathroom

Traditional/classic bathrooms have soft finishes with brass fixtures and fittings and claw feet baths.

Another consideration is the main purpose for the bathroom which will help determine the best use of space.

Family bathrooms

A bathroom shared by the whole family will need different fixtures and fittings than say an ensuite which is used only by adults. Great examples of things to consider are:

  • Bath size- depending on the age of your kids’ bath needs can be very different.
  • Vanity size- a double sink is sometimes an advantage in a busy household.
  • Tapware- easy to use flix mixers are great for independent little ones.
Ensuites/compact urban bathrooms

There are so many innovative ideas to make the best use of small spaces.

In wall mirrored vanities- these shaving cabinets set into the wall can provide much-needed storage in small bathrooms.

Under sink draws – rather than a full vanity a simple draw underneath a sink can give the illusion of more space.

Dual shower heads – there is a great range of overhead shower rose now for a real soaking and when combined with a tradtional shower head they are a great way to keep everybody happy.

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